Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery

Useful for recovering all sorts of files for individuals and businesses

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 10

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Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery reverses accidental file deletion to restore your essential files. Its simplistic interface and reliable restoration features returns what you thought was lost forever.

Whether you accidentally deleted an important file, or your antivirus software eliminated an entire folder, you may think you’ve lost these files for good. Thankfully, Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery is here to reverse unforeseen file deletion without having to deal with technical jargon or deep-level data programming.

Do you think recovering lost or deleted files involves complex technical procedures? Thanks to Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery, restoring your files and folders has never been easier. In essence, Disk Drill acts as a restoration tool. With a user-friendly interface and streamlined data recovery procedures, recovering up to 200 different file types takes only a few minutes.

Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery is categorized as platform agnostic, which means it recovers files across multiple platforms due to its advanced recovery algorithms. Unlike other data recovery programs, Disk Drill isn’t limited to your desktop or laptop.

Its advanced program architecture supports data recovery on both internal and external devices. This means you can recovery data not only on your home computer, but also from memory cards, external data storage devices and USB drives.

The Process of Recovery - How It Works

As soon as you install Disk drill Windows Data Recovery, the program scans your entire system. During this process, it identifies the various files and formats found in various folders scattered throughout your system. Along with identification, it learns the health and status of your computer drives. Smart detection technologies identify bad sectors and implements corrections for more accurate data recovery.

When you’ve lost a file, whether to accidental deletion, boot failures or antivirus protection, Disk Drill offers two scanning options for recovery:

  • Quick Scan - The faster you begin the recovery process, the greater your chances of a full recovery. This setting swiftly scans through your system looking for files marked removed, but with its data still intact.
  • Deep Scan - For files and folders hidden within your storage drives, this option works best. When activated, this setting dives deep into your computer to identify various file structures and works to reconstruct missing file elements. Ultimately, this methodology restores corrupt or missing files to its original binary structure.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery is its protected data markers. The most proactive way to prevent accidental deletion is to protect sensitive and valuable files. In the program interface, you can mark specific files as protected. This action prevents accidentally deleting these files. Should these files be altered, all you have to do is click your mouse a few times and these files are restored to their full structure.


  • Fast, simple installation
  • Easy operation
  • Provides two scanning types for greater data recovery control


  • Deep recovery is sluggish
  • Requires upgrade for files over 500GB

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